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The jungle; an endless ocean of trees stretching out in all directions. Millions upon millions of different types of plants, trees, animals and insects work together to create an ecosystem unlike any other in the world. Somewhere deep in the middle of

  • revealing her tightmetart极品人体

    The jungle; an endless ocean of trees stretching out in all directions. Millions upon millions of different types of plants, trees, animals and insects work together to create an ecosystem unlike any other in the world. Somewhere deep in the middle of that ecosystem of African wildlife, a dozen jeeps remain stranded on a narrow road. With the tall trees creating a veritable roof high over them, the dozen vehicles remain motionless. At the very front of the caravan, an ebony-skinned man is busy working on the first vehicle, his head barely visible through the thick smoke that rises up from beneath the hood of the vehicle.Nearby, three of the passengers talk to pass the time. A little farther off stands Barbie Lez. The gorgeous young virgin is busy observing the jungle in the hopes of spotting some rare animal or bird. Unfortunately for the blonde eighteen-year-old, she still sees none after a good five minutes of scrutiny. Abandoning, she heads towards the vehicle.“Obasi?” she calls out, making the driver—and improvised mechanic—look up at the young woman heading for him. He cannot help but smile as he takes a few seconds to look the busty blonde up and down. She has long, platinum blonde hair with strategically placed, bright pink highlights, full, pouty lip and piercing, emerald green eyes. She readjusts her white, molding blouse which barely contains her firm, D-Cup boobs. The top three buttons remain unfastened, revealing every last inch of her impressive cleavage. Her erect, bra-free nipples poke through the thin, almost see-through fabric, making it obvious to all that she is not wearing a bra. A pair of super-short, skin-tight shorts leaves her firm, bubble-butt and obviously panty-free pussy in plain view. The African man cannot help but feel a stirring in his pants as his eyes come across the woman’s stomach, only to find a large tattoo hovering between her clean-shaven pussy and navel. Shaped like the lesbian symbol, it is bright pink with black trimming, making it obvious to all that she is not interested in men.The young lesbian soon reaches Obasi, pulling him from his ogling session. Rendered nervous by the young woman’s great beauty, he begins to fidget nervously.“What… what can I do for you, Miss Lez?” he asks.Barbie smiles kindly at him, as if knowing fully well that she is responsible for his flustered state.“I just wanted to know if you had an estimate of the time it will take to get back on the road,” explains Barbie.After stuttering incomprehensibly for a few seconds, he says, “Just a few more minutes.”“Thanks,” says Barbie, but cannot help and sigh as she recalls those were the exact same words he used half an hour earlier. Before the young woman can do anything else, she feels a hand come into contact with her left buttock.“Goddammit!” she mutters to herself as she turns to find an old, creepy-looking man smiling at her. Barbie gives him one quick smile before taking a step back and kicking his right between the legs.“Ooohh…” he groans as he feels his knees give out. Crumbling to the ground, his hands travel to his inner thighs as he feels waves of pain wash over him.“Why?” he manages to ask in a high-pitched voice as he peers up at Barbie with tear-filled eyes.“I told you you’d regret it if you touched me again,” she reminds him. Obasi and the two other passengers cannot help but laugh at the young woman’s comment. Barbie shares a few chuckles with them before turning back to Obasi.“I think I’ll try and get a ride in one of the other jeeps,” she says. Obasi nods as a smile appears on his lips. Ever since he met the old creep—a renowned doctor—he could not help but despise him as he has a way to make others—especially women—feel inferior to him.“Thanks for everything,” says Barbie as she heads off, “And good luck with him,” she adds as she strolls past the moaning doctor. She hears Obasi laugh as she grabs her backpack from the jeep and heads off. Desperate to get away from the old pervert, she decides to start off at the rear of the convoy and work her way up until she finds a ride. Halfway there, she realizes she has a pressing urge to relieve herself. Knowing they will undoubtedly be stuck there for the a few hours, she does not bother telling anyone of her plans as she heads off the narrow road and vanishes into the thick jungle.“Dammit!” she swears as she gets whipped in the face by a branch. Breaking it off, she chucks it aside and keeps going until she is far enough from the rest of the group to get her business done in peace.“Here we go,” she mutters to herself as she finds a suitable spot and pulls her shorts down, revealing her tight, virgin pussy. Squatting, she gets to work.“Ahhh… she sighs as she feels her bladder empty itself. Moments later, she grabs a roll of toilet paper from her pack and wipes the few remaining drops of golden liquid that cling to her lower lips. She is about to pull up her pants when she suddenly gets an idea. Although a lesbian, the young woman is still a virgin. Maybe it is because asking out a woman is quite intimidating or simply because she is quite shy, but one thing remains certain; she needs to masturbate on a daily basis to keep her sexual urges in check. Unfortunately for the busty blonde, she has not had a free moment for the past three days, thus forcing her to go about her daily activities in a constant state of arousal.“But I’m alone now,” she thinks as she realizes this is her one, and probably only, opportunity to rub one out. With that in mind, she pulls up her shorts, grabs her backpack and heads deeper into the jungle, not wanting anyone to hear her moans of passion and come looking for her.A few minutes later, she finds the perfect spot. Once more pulling down her shorts, she takes a seat on a soft mattress of moss and slides a hand between her legs.“Mmmmm!” she moans softly as she feels her nimble fingers slide across her labia. Horny beyond all reason, she immediately slides two fingers into her hot, humid cunt.“Oh god!” she moans as she begins darting her fingers in and out of her tight pussy, forcing suction sounds to flow forth. Because of her Olympic-level state of arousal, it takes the young woman mere seconds to feel an orgasm build deep within her.“Oh fuck!” she moans, moments later, as she feels the first wave of cum flow up from the depths of her poon. The hot, gooey liquid gushes up her clam, past her fingers and out her vagina. Becoming airborne, the sweet nectar splits into millions upon millions of tiny drops and goes flying in all directions. Realizing she needs to be careful to keep from getting covered in a thick layer of orgasmilk, she leans backwards and spreads her legs as far apart as she can.“Oh yes! YES! YEESSS!!!!” she moans as wave after wave flows out of her, soon creating a veritable puddle of cum between her legs. She continues squirting all over the jungle floor for the better part of a minute before her orgasm finally dies down.“Ahhh…” she sighs as the final wave flows out of her. Feeling exhausted from her most powerful orgasm in months, the young woman lets herself fall backwards and takes a few seconds to catch her breath.After a few minutes, she finds the strength to sit and glances around. Unfortunately for the young woman, quite an impressive amount of cum now covers her legs. Not wanting anyone to know what she just did, she begins wiping away as much of it as she can. Soon realizing getting it all off will be almost impossible, she does something she has never before considered; she begins licking the cum form her legs. Incredibly flexible, the young woman is able to bring her leg up to her mouth.“Mmmmm!” she moans as she takes one long lick, effectively filling her mouth with a surprising amount of cum. Although unsure what to expect, she did not expect her cum to be so sweet; it feels like she just took a mouthful of pure sugar.“Mmmmm!” she moans again as her taste buds gorge themselves on the sweet nectar. Unable to bear the teasing any longer, she swallows it, moaning as is slithers down her throat. Eager for more, she takes another lick, soon followed by another, and another.Before long, she has licked every last drop she can reach. Now using her hands to scoop up what little remains out of reach, she begins sucking her fingers clean. It takes her a few minutes, but she manages to ingurgitate every last drop she can get her hands on. By then, she is clean enough to keep anyone from knowing what she just did… unless they smell her breath.“Time to get back,” she says aloud as she gets to her feet and pulls her shorts up. After making sure she is totally cum-free, she heads back toward the road.“Weird,” she mutters after ten minutes of walk. She can clearly recall her walk into the jungle lasting only five minutes.“Then why is it taking so lo…” she begins, but suddenly stops when she comes to a conclusion.“I’m lost!” she gasps, realizing she has no clue which way the road—and the caravan—is. She debates trying to find it, but knowing it could lead her even farther from the road, she decides to remain in place.“HELP!” she calls out at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately, she gets no response. She tries again and again, but soon realizes it is useless; no one will rescue her.“I’ve got to find a way to know which way to go,” she thinks aloud as she opens her backpack in search of anything of use. She finds a compass, but, realizing she has no idea which way the road is, knows it is of no use. She continues searching her pack until she hears a sound that brings joy to her heart; it is the sound of an engine revving in the distance!“Obasi got the jeep started,” she mutters to herself as she realizes all she needs to do is follow the sound until she reaches the caravan.“Oh, fuck!” she gaps. If the jeep is fixed, that means that the group is about to drive off. And since Barbie told Obasi she was getting a ride in another one of the jeeps, he will not wait for her.“FUCK!” she yells as she zips up her pack, slings it over her shoulder and bolts off. Speeding through the jungle, she feels branch after branch slash at her face, arms and legs as she runs as fast as her body will let her. It takes her a few minutes, but she soon bursts out of the jungle and finds herself on the very road she has been so desperate to find. Unfortunately, the caravan is already on the move. She can see the three final vehicles speed away toward a bend. Not wasting a second, she sprints after them, gesturing and yelling for them to stop. Unfortunately, she is too far to be heard and soon sees the last vehicle go around the bend, vanishing out of sight.“NOOO…” she yells as she runs after them. She keeps going for a good five minutes before a burning sensation in her muscles forces her to stop. Dropping to the ground and gasping for air, she does her best to recuperate form the longest sprint of her life. She can still see the jeep tracks in the mud as she sits there, totally overwhelmed by the situation. Not only is she stranded in the middle of the jungle, but she… Okay, well, there is nothing worse than being stranded alone in the jungle.“What now?” she wonders aloud. Thinking things over, she realizes they will surely not notice she is missing until they reach their destination, which is a day’s drive away. That means that, even if they notice she is missing the second they arrive, it will still take two days before they return for her.“Can I really survive two days alone in the jungle?” she wonders. Realizing the best thing to do is to empty the contents of her bag to know what she can use to stay alive, she gets to work. After a few minutes, the inventory is complete and consists of a spare change of clothes, enough rations for two days if she uses them sparingly and a gourd filled with water. A roll of toilet paper, her toiletries and a compass complete the inventory.“All right, at least, I know I won’t die from starvation or dehydration,” she says, but realizes that is the least of her problems as the jungle is filled with a multitude of dangerous animals.“Is it really safe for me to remain here for two days?” she wonders, but soon realizes she has no other option…“Unless…” she thinks, recalling something Obasi told her mere minutes before their jeep broke down. Although driving to their destination would take a whole day, the village they were trying to reach was due east of their location. If not forced to drive all the way around the many mountains that riddle the region, it would take mere hours to drive there.“If it would take only a few hours by car, I could surely walk there in a day or two,” theorizes Barbie. Now faced with a choice, she decides to weigh the pros and cons of both. After a few minutes of intense cogitation, she comes to a decision; she will cut through the jungle and walk to the village. Although both options have their pros and cons, it was the thought of sitting around with nothing to do for two days that tipped the scales in favor of taking matters into her own hands.With that in mind, she gathers her things, packs them up and heads off, heading due east. As she treks through the jungle, Barbie begins to think back to what led her there.Ever since she was a little girl, Barbie was an altruist. Be it helping injured animals of volunteering to help the less fortunate, she was a veritable saint. As she grew up, she developed two passions; helping humans and helping animals. Although both passions were equally important to her, Barbie knew she could not be both a doctor and a veterinarian. With that in mind, she came up with a solution; try both and see. The day after her seventeenth birthday, she started volunteering at an animal shelter and, during the year that followed, worked at a vet’s office, a zoo and even for a collector of rare animals. Upon turning eighteen, Barbie volunteered to become a humanitarian aid worker for a few months. By doing so, she would not only be able to help all those poor souls that lived in famine and disease, but she could also decide which of the two professions she preferred and thus make an educated decision.“Well, so far, being a doctor does not seem so attractive,” thinks Barbie as she realizes the only real doctor she met so far is the horny old pervert that kept coming on to her.“At least I’ll have a story to tell,” she says aloud as she continues marching through the dense jungle. She has no idea just how right she is as she suddenly hears a loud cry echo from nearby. Barbie immediately recognizes it as a chimpanzee. She could recognize that cry out of millions as she heard it every day she worked at the zoo. The chimps would start yelling and hooting each time they were about to be fed. Glancing around, she attempts to locate the primate, but the wild creature remains out of sight. Shrugging, the young virgin marches on.But as she makes her way through the thick foliage, she cannot help but feel like she is being watched. Occasional glances behind her reap no rewards as nothing ever catches her eye. It takes a good five minutes—during which she hears the occasional chimp cry—before she finally spots not one, but two chimpanzees swinging from branch to branch high above her. She cannot help but smile as she realizes they are the first wild animals she has seen since she got to Africa. She keeps going, but keeps an eye out for her followers. As the minutes pass, her two get closer and closer. Before long, they are mere feet above her, stopping each time she does and scrutinizing her every move.Her deep love of all animals forces the young woman to stop. Grabbing a little bag of dried fruit from her bag, she dumps a few pieces into her palm and outstretches it toward the primates. The two are now hanging from a branch a few feet above her head. They reach down, but cannot grab the dried fruit as it is too low. Barbie tries to reach higher, but soon realizes it is useless; she is too short. Fortunately, the chimps soon come up with a solution when they let go of the branch and fall to the ground, landing mere feet from Barbie. It is only then that the young woman realizes just how large they are. The nearest one is about four and a half feet tall and weighs around one hundred pounds. The other, slightly larger, stands at five feet and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds. Besides their difference in size, the two look identical; from their flat noses and rounded ears to their black hair and… surprisingly large and sharp teeth.The smaller one goes to grab the fruit that Barbie hands them, but the large one slaps his hand away and grabs the food for himself. Wobbling away, he leaves both Barbie and his primate friend behind.“There you go, little guy,” says Barbie as she takes another few pieces of fruit and hands them to the less dominant primate, who immediately takes it and shoves it in his mouth. Barbie cannot help but feel bad for him as she realizes the larger of the two is obviously the dominant one and thus gets the first pick at everything. Because of this, she decides to give another few pieces to the small one. But the big one, who is already done with his share, returns and steals it from the young woman’s hand before his fellow primate can reach for it. Once again, he heads off, forcing Barbie to spare even more of her precious food to feed the inferior primate.“Here,” says Barbie as she gives him another few pieces, “But that’s it; I have to keep the rest for myself.” With that, she puts the bag of dried fruit back into her pack. But before she can sling it over her shoulder, she realizes the large one has returned and both he and the other are staring at Barbie, obviously waiting to be feed them again.“Sorry, guys,” she says, “But I need to ration it or I could starve to death.”Obviously, the chimps do not understand a word; all they understand is that Barbie has food. They try and reach for her backpack, but Barbie is quicker and stands up, holding it as high as she can. The two primates try and reach for it, but the prize remains out of grasp. Getting excited, as if thinking of it as a game, they begin to jump for it. But Barbie is determined to remain in possession of her pack. Each time they get close, she yanks it away. As the seconds melt by, the two animals get more and more excited. Before long, Barbie realizes that feeding them might have been the stupidest thing she could have done. Now, they know she has food in her pack and will not rest until it is in their possession.“Fuck!” she suddenly swears when she feels her pack being yanked form her hands. Too busy keeping the taller of the two from reaching it, she did not that notice that the smaller one had climbed up into a nearby tree. Hanging from a branch, he just needed to reach down to grab the precious prize. Seeing this, the large one hurries up the trees. Too eager to get to the food, they do not bother trying to reach a safer spot before getting to work. Ripping the straps off the bag, they reach into it. Throwing away everything that is not food, they soon find what they are looking for; Barbie’s stash of dried fruit.“No…” is all Barbie can say as she watches her personal effects rain down around her while the two primates are busy eating every last piece of food she has. Despair filling her heart as she realizes she cannot survive long without food, she feels her knees buckle. Crumbling to the jungle floor, she lets herself fall backwards and glances up, just in time to see the two chimps discard her now food-free pack. It floats lazily down to the floor as the apes climb down from the tree.“What now?” wonders Barbie aloud as the primate thieves gather around her. Sitting up, she glances from one to the other. Obviously looking for more food, the leader reaches out and begins patting her down.“Get off of me!” barks Barbie as she slaps his hand away. She realizes that may have been a mistake when she sees him bare his teeth as a powerful shriek of intimidation flows past his lips. Wincing in fear, Barbie realizes she must be more careful. Although vegetarian, primates have a pair of very shark canines that can cause real damage when used properly. And the large chimp’s are quite impressive.“Fuck…” she mutters to herself as she watches the leader once again outstretch a hand toward her. Too afraid to reject him, she lets him pat her down, thinking he will leave her alone once he realizes she has no more food. But the young virgin did not take one thing into consideration; a chimpanzee’s impressive sense of smell. Obviously smelling something, the large chimp begins sniffing. Following the scent, he leans forward until his face is mere inches from Barbie’s crotch.“Oh fuck!” mutters Barbie as she realizes he has undoubtedly caught the scent of the cum that still fills her cunt. Too eager to get back to the caravan after her masturbation session, she forgot to clean it out. Her heart beats madly in her chest as she watches the chimp sniff her crotch. She knows better than to reject him, but cannot help and shove him away when she sees him outstretch his tongue. Jumping to her feet, she turns tail and bolts, determined to get as far away from the primates as possible.Concentrating on avoiding the branches, vines and roots that block her way, she does not dare glance back until she is certain she is not being followed. Sure enough,日韩无码视频 when she finally comes to a stop and glances back, she finds no sign of the two hungry primates.“Thank god!” she mutters between two gasps as she struggles to catch her breath. When she finally does, Barbie realizes she left her compass behind; she recalls dropping it when the chimp grabbed her pack.“I have to go back,” she realizes, “Otherwise I’m as good as dead.” Without a compass, it will be nearly impossible to head in the right direction and reach the village.“But what if they’re still there?” she wonders as she realizes she cannot risk getting attacked by the primates. With that in mind, she decides to wait a while before returning.Fifteen minutes later, she makes it back and finds everything just as she left it; her belongings are scattered all over the place. The only difference is that the two chimps are nowhere to be seen.“There it is,” mutters Barbie to herself as she finds her compass. Clutching it in her hand, she glances around and decides she can risk taking the time to gather her things. Less than a minute later, everything is packed and she is ready to go. Unfortunately for her, it is not soon enough. Turning to leave, she comes face to face with the two chimpanzees!‘”Fuck!” she gasps in surprise. Seeing their eager expressions, Barbie knows it is just a matter of time before their filthy ape hands are all over her. Not wanting to turn her back to them, she backs up slowly. Unfortunately for her young woman, lady luck is not on her side and she soon feels her back come into contact with the trunk of a large tree. The two chimps keep advancing, cutting off any escape.“Fuck!” she swears as she realizes she is cornered. Glancing left and right, she sees the two apes grow closer and closer. Unsure whether or not such a thing is possible, Barbie can swear she sees a smile on their lips as they advance. As before, the larger one takes the lead. Taking one final step that brings him mere inches from the young woman, he gets on all fours, forcing his head to become level with Barbie’s crotch. Leaning forward, he takes a few whiffs before producing a series of excited hoots. Barbie winces. Although she does not understand what he is saying, she knows fully well what it means; he is excited! Sure enough, he soon outstretches a hand and presses his fingers against her crotch.“Fuck…” breathes Barbie softly as she feels him start to move his hand back and forth, effectively massaging her labia through the thin fabric of her shorts. It is not until she feels a shiver she can only hope is not arousal run through her that she realizes she cannot let this happen. She tries to push the primate aside and make a break for it, but before she can, she feels four hands grabs her and pin her against the tree.“Let go of me!” she yells as she struggles to break free, but the large apes are too powerful for her. The smaller of the two stands behind the tree. With his arms wrapped around the massive trunk, he holds each one of Barbie’s wrists, keeping her pinned to the tree. The larger one is busy fumbling with her shorts button and zipper. Luckily for the young virgin, he does not manage to figure out the concept. Unfortunately he comes up with a simpler solution; she rips it open and pulls the petite garment down, revealing Barbie’s pussy.“NO!” she yells as, terrified, she watches him reach for her inner thighs. She cannot help but yelp as she feels his rugged fingers come into contact with her labia. In a final attempt at escaping what will undoubtedly turn into rape, she tried to keep her legs glued together. Unfortunately, the ape’s powerful forearms soon force them apart, giving him unrestricted access to her cum-covered poon. The cum that filled her clam following her orgasm has since then dripped out, covering her outer pussy in a thick layer of orgasmilk.“Stop!” begs Barbie as she sees him reach for the still humid cum. As expected, that does nothing to stop the chimp from wiping some of the gooey substance from her pussy and bringing it up to his mouth. A few eager licks is all it takes for his fingers to be cum-free. Eager for more, he returns for seconds.“NO!” yells Barbie, realizing she is being violated by a chimpanzee, “Please stop!” With anger and desperation increasing her strength, she once again attempts to break free. Unlike before, she manages to yank away from the smaller primate’s grip.Shoving the one between her legs aside, she tries to run, but soon trips in the shorts that now circle her ankles.“Fuck!” she barely has time to swear before falling flat on her face, knocking the air from her lungs. Gasping for air, she gets up and, after pulling her short up, manages to take a few steps before she feels a hand grab her blouse. Tugging with every last bit of strength she has left, Barbie soon feels the fabric tear as she sees buttons go flying in all directions. Moments later, it gives out altogether and gets yanked off her body, leaving her topless. With her firm boobs bouncing up and down, Barbie runs for dear life. Unfortunately for her, she soon loses her grip on her shorts. Moments later, they slide down along her legs, effectively tripping her again. She once more slams to the ground, forcing what little air she managed to force back into her lungs to be expulsed. She barely has time to flip onto her back that she sees the smaller of the two chimps flying through the air. She winces as she sees him land over her. With one leg on either side of her chest, he stands tall over her. They share a quick look before the ape gets to work. Taking a seat on the young woman’s chest, he grabs her wrists and pins her arms to the ground.“Let got!” yells Barbie, once her breath has finally returned. But that does nothing to convince the chimp to obey. Instead, it seems to excite him; he begins bouncing up and down, effectively slamming back and forth against her boobs. She winces in pain as she realizes the best thing to do is wait and hope he will calm down. But things only get worse when she feels the large primate grab hold of her shorts and yank them off entirely. Now fully naked, Barbie struggles to keep her legs together. As before, the chimp soon overpowers her and yanks her legs apart, once again revealing her clean-shaven pussy. Not wasting a second, he reaches out and wipes some cum from Barbie’s clam. Acting on instinct, she slams her leg together, trapping his hand between her legs. Yanking with all his might, he soon manage stop free it.“Dammit!” swears Barbie.After licking what little cum clings to his fingers, the large primate once again forces Barbie’s legs apart. Keeping them spread, he does something that makes Barbie regret fighting back.“Fuck!” she swears as she feels his tongue come into contact with her pussy. Because his hands are busy keeping the young virgin’s legs spread, he is forced to use his tongue to get access to her cum.He only has time to take a few quick licks before Barbie struggles to break free. But the two chimps are much more powerful and soon immobilize her. Now free to continue what he started, the large chimp licks every last drop of sweet, human cum from Barbie’s tight pussy. It takes the better part of a minute before such a thing is accomplished and, by then, Barbie comes to a shocking realization.“Oh my god!” she gasps as she realizes she is horny. She can feel wave after wave of arousal wash over her as the ape’s eager tongue slides back and forth against her labia.“What the fuck is wrong with me?” she wonders as she realizes how perverted it is for her to get turned on by an animal. Then again, she cannot deny just how good it feels to have that big, primate tongue slobbering all over her cunt. Maybe it is the fact that she has only climaxed once in the past three days or maybe that she is secretly attracted to animals, but one thing remains certain; Barbie is horny. Super horny!The young virgin tries to fight her ever-growing urges; she is a lesbian, not an animal lover… at least, not in that way. But the more he licks her, the hornier she gets. Before long, all her concentration is required to keep from moaning. She manages to keep her urges in check until the eager primate licks the final drop of cum from her outer clam. Still hungry, he does the only thing he can think of; he delves deeper. Using two fingers to spread her lower lips, he uses the index from his free hand to reach into the young woman’s poon in an attempt to reach the cum within.“FUCK!” moans Barbie as the most powerful wave of arousal yet washes over her. The simple fact of having a chimpanzee’s finger shoved up her virgin pussy is enough to tip the balance. Like a floodgate breaking, she feels more arousal than she even knew existed wash over, making it impossible for her to keep from moaning loudly.“Mmmmm!” she moans blissfully as the large beast slides his finger out of her before bringing it up to his mouth. Once sucked dry, he once more slides it past the busty virgin’s lover lips.“Oh yes!” she moans as she feels his large finger slide all the way up her twat. Pulling it back out, he sucks it dry. He does this a few times before finding a more effective technique; he begins sliding his finger in and out of the moaning virgin’s pussy. Each time it slides out, it forces a few drops of sweet nectar from the teen’s pussy and eagerly licks it up with his tongue. Only after her cum, the primate has no idea just how pleasurable the experience is for Barbie as he effectively fingers and licks her pussy, sending wave after wave of arousal washing over her.“Oh yes! Finger me! Lick me! Faster!” she moans and begs as the chimp continues to stimulate her virgin pussy. As if understanding her desperate need for climax, he begins to accelerate the rhythm; he is now furiously finger-fucking her tight poon as his tongue flicks back and forth against her labia.“Fuck! FUCK! FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” moans Barbie at the top of her lungs as she feels an orgasm build deep within her. She is so aroused that it only takes a few seconds for it to ignite like a fire on a hot summer day. With sparks of arousal flying in all directions, she young woman moans at the top of her lungs as she feels the first wave of cum flow up from the depths of her pussy.“He wanted cum… Well, he’ll get some!” thinks Barbie as the hot, gooey liquid flows past the primate’s finger, before squirting out of her tight clam. Splitting into millions upon millions of tiny drops, the sweet nectar sprays all over the chimp’s face. A powerful shriek escapes him as he jumps back, terrified by the unexpected turn of events. In the apes mind, he was just getting his hands on as much of that sweet liquid as he could; he had no idea he was forcing Barbie to produce more.“Oh yes! YES! YEESSS!!!!” moans Barbie as she produces wave after wave. Her hot orgasmilk flies high into the air, raining down upon both her and the smaller of the two chimps. When he feels the sticky substance come into contact with his hair, he freaks out and hurries off, joining his friend. The two, terrified by Barbie’s orgasm, quickly climb up a nearby tree. Now at a safe distance, they watch the busty human as she squirts all over the place, soon covering both her and an impressive mount of the jungle floor in a thick layer of cum.Too busy experiencing the most intense—and first non-self-induced—orgasm of her young life, she does not even notice the chimps’ odd reaction. Her cries of bliss echo throughout the jungle as she sprays her hot orgasmilk all over the place. Her orgasm is so intense that it takes the better part of a minute for it to come to an end. By then, the busty blonde is so exhausted that she barely manages to remain conscious. Lying on the ground, covered in a thick layer of cum, she spends the next few minutes gasping for air.“Damn!” she mutters when she finally finds the strength to open her eyes and sit up. She cannot believe just how much cum she produced; a thick layer of it now covers every inch of the jungle floor around her, forming a wide circle. Finding the chimps nowhere in sight, she assumes they were scared off and finally decided to leave her alone. But she soon realizes that is not the case when they drop drown from a nearby tree and head for her. It is only at the sight of them that it hits her; she was just involved in an act of bestiality! Sure, it was more like rape than consensual sex, but that does not change the fact that she enjoyed it. A lot!”What is wrong with me?” wonders Barbie. She cannot help but feel ashamed by what she just did, but can also not deny how horny it made her. If she enjoyed it so much, does it mean she is no longer a lesbian? If not, then what is she; a heterosexual animal lover? The more she thinks about it, the sicker she feels. Before long, she realizes the best thing for her to do is just try and forget about it and be on her way.By the time she comes to this conclusion, the two chimps have made their way to her and are busy licking up cum from the impressive puddle that has formed between her legs. Hoping to remain unnoticed by the primates, Barbie gets to her feet. She throws the apes one final glance before grabbing her pack and heading off. But that one glance is enough to let her know that getting away will not be so easy. The two primates have stopped licking her cum and are now standing before her, with rock-hard boners standing between their legs!“Uh-oh!” mutters Barbie as her gaze travels down to their engorged manhoods. The larger chimp’s erect prick measure six inches in length by one inch in width while the smaller one’s is four inches by three quarters of an inch. Shaped sort of like a canine dick—wide for most of the shaft with a pointy tip—their cocks are a pale shade of pink. Standing erect, they seem to be inviting Barbie to touch them. But the teen has other plans in mind.“Fuck this,” she mutters as she turns tail and runs. Unfortunately, she slips on the cum-covered ground and slams to the ground. She barely has time to make it to all fours that she feels two powerful hands grab hold of her waits. Less than a second later, she feels something long and hard slide past her labia.“FUCK!” she yells as she feels the six-inch-long cock slide all the way up her cunt. Glancing back over her shoulder, she sees the larger of the two apes begin pounding away at her tight poon. She can feel his surprisingly hot spear slide in and out of her still cum-filled twat. The surprise soon fades as she realizes she is being fucked by a chimp! Freaking out, she struggles to break free. Unfortunately for the young virgin, the cum that covers the ground makes it impossible to get a good grip and break free from the large primate’s prick. She keeps trying until something happens that makes any sort of escape possible.“Fuck!” she swears for the umpteenth time as she sees the smaller primate appear before her. Taking advantage of the fact that the busty human’s mouth is open, her jerks his body forward, forcing all four inches of his schlong to slide past her lips.“MMM?!” moans Barbie through a mouthful of cock as her eyes widen in shock. She tries to break free, but soon realizes she is sandwiched. The larger ape forces her forward as he pounds away at her tight cunt while the smaller one begins forcing her back with his thrusts. In a final attempt at freedom, she tries to turn her head, but the chimp standing before her soon brags hold of her cranium and holds it firmly in place as he jerks his hips back and forth.The next minute is spent struggling as a cock repeatedly slides in and out of her pussy while another does the same in her mouth. With only three inches on his manhood fitting in her mouth, the remaining inch is forced past her uvula. She can feel it slam against the back of her throat as he savagely pounds away at her mouth. Although no pain is involved, Barbie feels her soul begin to tear as she realizes she is being raped! Being fingered and licked to orgasm was one thing, but being fucked is quite another. She feels tears fill her eyes as the two apes continue eagerly pounding away at her poon and mouth. Unable to do anything about it, she bears through it until something unexpected happens.“Oh my god!” she mentally gasps as she feels a wave of arousal wash over her. Like before, arousal begins to creep up on her, soon forcing a moan out of her cock-filled mouth. One simple moan—accompanied by wave after wave of arousal—is enough to make her forget all about the perverseness of the situation and just enjoy it.“Mmmmm!” she moans, her body getting rocked back and forth by the two eager chimps as they continue to pound away at her tight, virgin holes. If not stuck with the smaller ape’s cock in her mouth, the horny teen would surely smile. But since she cannot, she simply enjoys the feeling of that rock-hard, blistering hot shaft sliding back and forth against her tongue as its owner hoots excitedly.Meanwhile, the larger of the two continues to pound away at Barbie tight twat, forcing all six inches of his erect manhood to slide all the way up her clam before being pulled back out.“Mmmmm!” moans Barbie again as she closes her eyes and imagines just how hot she must look as she gets double-penetrated by those two savage animals. Thinking of such things only helps turn her on even more. So much so that she soon feels an orgasm build deep within her. Although she only recently climaxed, the fires of passion burn bright within her.“MMMMM!” she moans loudly as she feels herself about to burst like a volcano about to erupt. But before she can, something else happens that puts an abrupt end to her ever-increasing arousal.“WHAT THE FUCK?” mentally shouts Barbie as she feels something incredible happen; the two dicks that continue to dive in and out of her tight, virgin body suddenly begin to expand! Each time one of the cocks slides back into her after being pulled out, she can sense it has grown. As the two primates continues to pound away, their spears grow longer and wider. It only takes a few seconds for their already quite impressive schlongs to double in size!“Fuck!” silently gasps Barbie as she feels the smaller ape’s now eight-inch-long by one-and-a-half-inch-wide cock slide in and out of her oral cavity. Because of the chimp’s powerful thrusts, it does not take long for his prick to be forced past the young woman’s uvula, effectively forcing five inches of it to slide down her throat, stretching it out past all previous limits.As if the pain produced by such a penetration is not enough, she also feels waves of pain emanate from her over-stretched pussy. With the dominant primate’s cock now measuring twelve inches in length by two inches in width, it is a miracle that the virgin’s tight twat is able to accommodate every last inch of it!“MMMMM!” she moans in pain as she feels tears fill her eyes. Both chimps continue pounding away at the crying blonde’s holes, forcing every last inch of their dicks into her. Waves of pain wash over her, washing away the impressive amount of arousal that has gathered inside of her. Knowing there is no point in struggling to break free, she remain frozen in place as the two wild animals take advantage of her gorgeous, virgin body. She can clearly feel her tight poon being stretched past all previous limits at the foot-long primate cock dives in and out of her. The other rod does the same in her throat as her moans of arousal have now been replaced by grunts of pain.She remains in that state for an entire minute before something she has not anticipated happens; the pain begins to fade. As the seconds tick by, she feels the pain being melted away by the heat of arousal as is returns to her flawless body. Before long, only a little pain remains. Mixed with her now heightened level of arousal, it creates a cocktail of pain and pleasure that serves to turn her on even more.“Mmmmm” she moans blissfully as she once more feels an orgasm build deep within her. Like before, the volcano of sexual arousal soon reaches its boiling point.“MMMMM!” she moans as the volcano within her erupts, forcing her first wave of cum to flow up her cock-filled pussy. Somehow making it through the miniscule space between the chimp’s cock and the virgin’s vaginal walls, the hot, gooey liquid flows up until it squirts past the moaning woman’s lower lips. Splitting into millions upon millions of tiny drops, it becomes airborne and rains down upon both her and her two animal lovers.Moments later, both chimps climax. Hoots and cries of ecstasy escape them as they too feel their first waves flow forth. The larger animal’s semen squirts into Barbie’s pussy. Mixing with her sweet orgasmilk to create a human/primate cum cocktail, it squirts past her labia. Meanwhile, the chimp lucky enough to be getting a blowjob feels his first wave shoot for the tip of his cock.“Mmmmm!” moans Barbie as she feels the surprisingly hot and incredibly sweet liquid flows down her throat. Although she thought her cum was sweet, it is nothing in comparison to the semen that now flows down her throat. In fact, it is so sweet that it is a miracle she goes not gag. Overwhelmed by all the cum that flows both in and out of her, she gives herself over to fate and lets the events unfold on their own. Both cocks continue diving in and out of her mouth and pussy as wave after wave of orgasmilk flows out of all three of their bodies. A veritable downpour of cum rains down upon them as more and more of their sweet nectar sprays into the humid, jungle air. As the seconds pass, a thick layer begins to form on both primates as the one on Barbie increases in thickness.By the time their respective orgasms come to an end, a full minute later, Barbie feels herself not just covered in more cum than she ever though could be produced by three individuals, but full too. With every last drop of cum from the small primate having been forced down her throat, it is a miracle that her over-filled stomach does not explode.“Mmmmm!” she moans in a mixture of relief and pain as she hits the cum-covered ground, following the retrieval of the two dicks by their owners. Rolling to the side to keep her weight from pressing down on her overfilled stomach, Barbie struggles to force air in and out of her lungs. Eyes sealed shut with cum, she takes a few minutes to recover from her third orgasm of the day—and most intense of her life… so far!After a good five minutes, she finally finds the strength to sit. Wiping the thick layer of cum that still clings to her eyelids, she glances around. She is stunned when she sees the two chimps nowhere to be found.“I guess they left,” she mutters in a disappointed voice. With their sexual needs now taken care of, they must have wandered off to go do god knows what. Although she knows it was the inevitable conclusion to their relation, the former virgin cannot help but feel like she would have preferred to have the opportunity to bid them farewell. She barely has time to think this that her wish comes true. Out of the woods, she sees the two chimps appear. They walk toward her, their arms overflowing with…“What is that?” mutters Barbie to herself as she tries to see what they are carrying. It is not until they grow closer that the young blonde realizes their arms are filled with a multitude of fruits. A frown deforms her brow until she understands they are meant as compensation; not just for the food they stole form her, but also for the pleasure she procured them.“Not only did I lose my virginity to chimps, but I’m getting paid for it,” thinks Barbie as laughter flows past her lips. Upon reaching their human lover, the two primates place their offering before her.Determined to thank them for their kindness—and the first (and best) sex of her life—Barbie gives each of them a kiss on the lips. Obviously pleased, the two hoot excitedly before hurrying off and vanishing into the jungle.“I guess it’s time to go,” mutters Barbie as she gets to her feet, struggling to keep from slipping in the overwhelming amount of human and primate cum that covers the jungle floor. Scanning her surroundings, she soon finds her blouse and shorts buried beneath a thick layer of orgasmilk. Shaking them until they are relatively clean, she gets dressed. Because her clothes were torn off, all the buttons are missing. Luckily, the zipper from her short still works, so she does not have to worry about wandering around bottomless. As for her blouse, she simply fastens it with a knot. Although every last inch of her breathtaking cleavage is available for all to see—not that there is anyone to see it—it is enough to keep the garment in place. With a thick layer of cum still covering most of her body, the former virgin grabs her backpack and heads off. Using her compass, she heads due east.“I can’t believe that actually just happened,” think Barbie as she treks through the jungle, the leaves helping to wipe the cum from her body as she brushes past them. She finds it hard to believe how much things have changed in the last hour. Not only is she no longer a virgin, but she is not even sure is she is a lesbian. Sure, she is still attracted to girls, but she also finds herself turned on by animals. The more she thinks about it, the more confused she gets. The only thing that remains certain is that she is no longer a virgin and, oddly, damn proud of it!“Who cares what it’s called or what others think; I’m happy,” she reasons. With that in mind, the continues making her way through the thick foliage for the better part of the day. Stopping only occasionally to rest, she keeps going until the sun begins to set. Gathering branches and large leaves, she manages to build a shelter before darkness swallows her up. Getting ready for the night, she picks a fruit from her pack and cannot help but feel melancholic as she thinks back to her new, primate friends. It is only when she lies down that she realizes just how exhausted she is. Closing her eyes, she hopes no animal will attack her during the night… unless he fucks her, of course!To be continued in Part 2…***Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often.Have a horny day,Barbie Lez