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Their Unusual Mommy Chapter Twoby BrettJ 2011Teagan and Tanya had been very upset that a few hours after her initial call, their Gran had called and cancelled her dinner plans.Tracey explained to her daughters that her mother had a good reason, a spec

  • put this onmm131杨晨晨爽爽爽免费

    Their Unusual Mommy – Chapter Twoby BrettJ © 2011Teagan and Tanya had been very upset that a few hours after her initial call, their Gran had called and cancelled her dinner plans.Tracey explained to her daughters that her mother had a good reason, a special “surprise” but the girls were let down.Tracey knew she had to do something to cheer them up, so she went to her toy closet and got out her favorite toy.“Teagan sweetie, put this on,” Tracey grinned.“You’re going to fuck your sister with this while Mommy fucks your tight little hole again.Just because your Gran’s not here doesn’t mean we can’t have our own fun, now does it?”Teagan grinned and shook her head at her mother.“Intelligent little sluts like the 3 of us should figure out our own ways to have fun, understand that, my naughty darlings?”Tanya grinned and nodded, their mother had a valid point.Tanya got on all fours and watched as Tracey lubed up the rubber cock for her daughter.It slid easily into her tight little snatch and Teagan began picking up a nice rhythm.Tracey’s nipples were rock-hard as she watched Teagan fucking her older sister with the artificial prick.She moved behind her youngest daughter and thought time for the real thing as she slid her cock into the 15-year old’s snug cunt.She began a rhythm that matched Teagan’s; the three perverted women began to cum almost immediately.“If you’re both … uhhh, so tight baby … good little sluts … GOD Teagan, you have a tight little cunt … one of these days, Mommy will fuck you up the cunt and you can fuck each other up the asshole.That’s … FUCK … called a DP and it can be a lot of fun if you don’t do it too hard,” Tracey grinned, her cock snugly gripped by Teagan’s tight, gorgeous little pussy.“Oh God, sis, Mom, I have the best, most perverted family in the world!” Tanya grinned, her face contorted with a grimace as her sister fucked her and her Mom fucked Teagan.She had to have been crazy to have fought this; it was the ideal situation for the 3 women, a non-stop marathon of hot, perverted family sex.“Our sexy dick-girl mom’s really fucking the shit out of my cunt, Tanya,” Teagan said in her sweet, little-girl voice.It seemed so incongruous to hear such filth cumming out of such a sweet face and with such a soft voice, but that was precisely what made it so sexy.Tracey fucked her daughter hard while squeezing her tits and slapping her butt.“I have the sexiest daughters on the fucking planet!” Tracey groaned before she came in her daughter’s pussy.Taylor didn’t waste a second before she was between her sister’s thighs and sucking her mom’s cum from out of her sister’s shaved hole.They all passed out from exhaustion that night, naked and in each other’s arms.Tracey woke the girls at 8 to help her prepare breakfast and ready themselves for their grandmother’s arrival.Teagan was wearing her French Maid outfit; it would be perfect to help serve Gran her morning snack.Tanya was in the cute little schoolgirl uniform, boots and all – but no panties were under the short plaid skirt and her ass was entirely visible if she bent over.“You’re both going to give your Gran a nice surprise,” Tracey giggled, sharing a sloppy kiss with her daughter-sluts as the corn muffins baked in the oven.Tracey enjoyed her domesticity, just because she loved to fuck with her baby girls didn’t mean she didn’t want them eating good meals and doing well in school.The doorbell rang and Tracey went to answer it, the girls on either side of their PVC-clad mom.When they opened the door to give their beloved Gran a surprise, it was the trio of women who got the surprise.The woman standing there was NOT the slightly-graying, sensibly dressed woman the sisters had been living with for the past 3 years.The woman in the doorway was dressed in a short, snug yellow skirt, a low-cut white blouse with sexy black lingerie visible underneath.She wore light yellow stiletto heels and her hair was now a lush auburn and hanging loose down to the middle of her back.Her glasses were gone and her face was beautifully highlighted.“Mom!” Tracey hugged her mother and gave her a kiss.“You look sensational!”“Me?Look at my three girls,” Taya Golden beamed.“Quite a change since the last time I saw you.” She walked in the door with two suitcases and set them to one side.“Give Gran some sugar, babies!”Teagan ran to her grandmother first and kissed her, sliding her tongue into Taya’s mouth.There was no longer any doubt as to how this visit was going to go.Tanya went next and she pinched her grandmother’s buttocks as well.Taya giggled at her impishness.“Yes, they’re your daughters, all right,” Taya smiled.“Oh, that food smells heavenly and I hope there’s coffee.I really need a cup!”Tracey saw her daughter’s watching her mother’s undulating buttocks as she went to sit at the table.She felt a chill as she thought of the fun the three of them were going to have.“Mom, you’ve always been gorgeous, but now you’re sensational!” Tracey said as she brought in a tray laden with muffins, sausages and coffee.Teagan followed behind with all the condiments.“Thank you darling girl, that’s lovely to hear,” Taya smiled.“You can thank Jordan for that.Do you remember her?”“Mrs. Munroe from down the street?”Taya nodded to her daughter.“Yes, I remember her; she’s an attractive divorcee of in her early 40’s?” Tracey said.“She’s 37.About a month ago, I was out walking and happened to walk by her house while she was mowing the lawn.We got to talking and I made an off-hand comment about how cute she looked in her little top and shorts.She thanked me for that and we got to talking and then …” Taya’s lips curled into a smile “… well, let’s just say after that, we weren’t talking so much.”Tracey clapped her hands.“Mommy, you slut!You’re had a little afternoon delight with the neighbor?”Taya grinned.“I sure did baby and those gorgeous tits are all real.We’ve been getting together almost every afternoon since.That gorgeous bitch can tear you apart, let me tell you.”“Gran, how did you manage that when we were living with you?” Tanya wanted to know.“I’d meet up with her in the afternoons when you were in school,” Taya grinned at her granddaughter.“We were very discreet.As you might recall Tracey, she owns the beauty salon.When I told her the other day I was going to pay you a visit, she offered to give me a makeover at no cost.She also insisted on buying me this new outfit and the shoes, she was very generous.Although I paid her back in my own little way,” Taya said as she licked her lips.“God Mom, you’re a total little whore!” Tracey purred, kissing her mother with some tongue and letting her daughters watch.“I know, I’m utterly shameless,” Taya said.“Teagan darling, that outfit is so sexy on you, are you going to be your Gran’s maid?”Teagan giggled.“I’d serve you any time, Gran.” She said, sliding her tiny pink tongue along her bottom lip.“Prove it,” Taya said in a husky tone.Both Teagan and Taya got out of their chairs and dropped to the floor beside Taya.They slid her skirt up her legs and stroked her thighs.“She’s shaved!” Teagan cried out.“Mommy, Gran’s got a shaved pussy!And she wasn’t wearing any panties!”Taya giggled.“Jordan insisted, she says it’s in fashion.Oh God girls, do you know what you’re doing to me?Tracey smiled, finishing her coffee.“They know.Come on girls, Mom, let’s go upstairs and have some fun.Mom, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in your panties.”“I’m not wearing any, remember?” Taya giggled.She watched her daughter’s PVC covered ass going up the stairs as her grandkids watched her movements.Once in the bedroom, the heat went up a lot of notches.“Get naked Mom, you luscious bitch,翁公的大龟廷进我身体里 I’m going to fuck that hot cunt of yours while my girls watch,” Tracey purred.“I’ve been horny all morning and my cock can’t wait to be inside your cunt again.Wait until you see your Gran girls, she really gets slutty when she gets going.”“Runs in the family, I guess,” Taya purred as she removed her clothing.Teagan and Tanya couldn’t believe how beautiful their grandmother still was, full ripe 36D tits and a flat, smooth stomach.It was hard to believe she’d had two daughters, one 30 and their Aunt Tiffany, now 29.Teagan wanted to eat her grandmother’s pussy, but she also was thrilling to the thought of watching mother and daughter lick pussy the way she and Tanya had loved their mom.Taya’s clothes dropped in puddles to the floor and she watched with lust as Tracey unlaced her PVC corset dress.She loved her daughter in fetish clothing and often treated her to little outfits like this, now she would do the same for Teagan and Tanya.Her mouth watered as she saw her daughter’s cock emerge and she didn’t waste a second in wrapping her lips around it.“Oh fuck Mom, you cum-sucking bitch!” Tracey groaned.“Watch her babies; watch your cocksucking Gran suck Mommy’s dick.Your Gran is a dick-girl slut, she’s my whore, aren’t you Mommy?”“Oh yes!” Taya said excitedly.“Your whore baby, always your slut!”“Runs in the family,” Teagan giggled as she and her sister began to play with each other’s bodies.Both had stripped off most of their clothing, leaving only hosiery and heels, although Teagan had kept on her cap.They began heating up as they kissed, partially from kissing each other but also from the lewd spectacle of their mom and beloved Gran lezzing it up.“You keep that up Mom and I’ll cum in your mouth and then I won’t be able to fuck you properly,” Tracey purred.Taya removed her lips from Tracey’s hardening cock.“Oh baby, we can’t have that,” Taya purred.She got on all fours and sighed.“Put it in me baby and remind me why I love having you fuck me so much.Girls, I can eat pussy while I’m being fucked, would one of you like to have me eat your horny little snatch?”“Teagan can go first, this is really hot to watch,” Tanya said as she fingered herself.She found it hard to believe she had been opposed to all this at first, it was so intense and satisfying, the most incredible thing she had ever done.Tracey got behind her mother and made sure Taya was lubricated enough.She was soaked, so she grabbed her mother’s hips, she loved fucking Taya this way.As far as she was concerned, her Mom had the perfect ass, round and smooth and bouncy.Her cock slid into her mother’s cunt and she began fucking while she enjoyed the sight of Taya feasting on her granddaughter’s cunt for the very first time.“Oh Gran, you eat pussy so fucking good!” Teagan squealed.“She’s good Mommy; she’s a kinky lez, just like us, huh?” Teagan groaned, reaching out to squeeze her mother’s hand.“Yes she is baby, your Gran’s an incredible fuck, you’ll find out later,” Tracey groaned as she pumped in and out of her mother’s snug cunt.All the kink was getting to her and it didn’t take her long to cum, flooding her mother’s pussy with her spend.That’s when Tanya sprung into action, licking it out of her Gran’s cunt with her long, snaky tongue.“Oh Tanya, you nasty little bitch, eat Gran!” Tracey cheered her daughter on.“I think they can call me Taya when we’re being this intimate,” Taya groaned.Both girls shook their heads.“It’s so much kinkier calling you Mom and Gran, it adds to the excitement, right Teagan?” Tanya said, licking the spunk from her lips.Her sister’s nods were her answer; she was still riding the orgasm train under Taya’s lapping tongue.Tanya wasn’t going to let her sister have all the fun, so she began working on her mother.She was starting to learn little tricks that turned Tracey on and soon had her cock twitching.Tanya got on her back and smiled.“Fuck me Mom, with Gran and Teagan watching.Ladies, if you wanna be involved, suck my tits, or sis, you can ride my tongue, totally up to you,” Tanya grinned.Teagan opted to do that; she could never get enough oral loving.Taya played with the 16-year old’s ripe tits and bit the cotton-candy nipples until Tanya almost passed out with pleasure.Taya wanted the full experience, so once she had sucked her granddaughter’s tits, she licked the juncture where her daughter’s cock was pistoning in and out of Tanya’s cunt.She watched the blissful expression on Teagan’s face as her older sister reamed her cunt and although she knew some might consider what they were doing wrong and taboo, who were they hurting?Only they knew what they needed and wanted.Tracey shot her second load of spunk for the morning, this time it was her mother who lapped it out of Tanya’s cunt.Teagan had already cum on her sister’s tongue, so she moved down to share some cum with her sexy Gran.Everyone was panting after a while and had enjoyed several orgasms.They moved to the shower in 2’s, Teagan sharing with her mother while Tanya and her Gran soaped each other down.They went back downstairs, naked as jaybirds and had some more coffee.“How long are you going to stay, Gran?” Teagan asked.“That was wonderful, I want more of that.”“Just a few days baby, I have to get back to work.Gotta pay those bills, you know,” Taya said, smooching her granddaughter on the lips.“These two scamps don’t understand we have to work,” Tracey teased, giving her mom a kiss as well.“You brought a lot of stuff for only a few days, Gran,” Tanya commented.Taya nodded.“I did, but I brought my girls each a little gift and one of the suitcases contains my Camcorder.”The trio looked at Taya as she announced “I thought it might be nice to make a little film of us all having sex together.Something to keep me warm at nights and provide some naughty entertainment for those evenings when I’m home all by myself.”